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Based in Minnesota, Alberts Tutoring offers unparalleled ACT Tutoring. Our tutors deliver custom ACT prep using proprietary strategies and deep content knowledge. We offer in-person prep in Minnesota and in the Bay Area. We offer mobile ACT prep for students nationally.

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Tim Hereid, Master Tutor


Tim works as our mobile ACT tutor, with availability to travel several times a year to the East and West coast. Tim is a licensed teacher, has a Master's Degree in Education and has provided outstanding ACT prep to high-potential students since May of 2009.  He has taught in the classroom in Maine, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, and has co-authored an ebook on the ACT exam with Brenda Alberts, set to be published in June 2014.  Subjects:  ACT, SAT, PSAT, AP-English Lit, AP-English Language, SAT II Lit.













Cara Thorpe, M. Ed, Master Tutor

Cara is a comprehensively-trained ACT tutor and is known for creating a loyal following among her students.  Cara completed her Master's degree at the University of Minnesota, then spent seven years honing her teaching skills in the top-ranked public school system in the state before moving into the private arena and starting her own business, K-12 Learning Solutions, more than a dozen years ago.  Cara typically books clients up to six months in advance, and has a passion for both under-achieving students (often those with diagnosed learning disabilities) and individuals with perfectionist tendencies.   Subjects:  ACT, SAT, PSAT.




Andrew Campbell, Private Tutor

Andrew is a comprehensively-trained SAT/ACT  tutor whose technical skills in the financial field and economics have transferred beautifully to the private tutoring world.   Andrew's day-job is in the Trusts & Estates Division of Minneapolis' largest bank; evenings & weekends are spent tutoring ACT students.  Andrew has built an excellent track record of success during the last four years, and his professionalism and business-like approach to ACT content are highly valued.  Subjects:  ACT, SAT, PSAT, Calc I, Calc II.





Krista Hitchcock, M.A., English, Private Tutor

Krista employs the skills she developed while teaching AP-English Literature in the most prestigious public school system in the Twin Cities' metro area.   As a comprehensive private ACT tutor, Krista pulls from her years of classroom teaching and utilizes best practices to help each of her ACT students improve their scores significantly.   Krista's engaging personality and enthusiasm for pulling alongside teenagers has garnered an outstanding reputation among her core clients.  Subjects:  ACT, SAT, AP-English Lit, AP-English Language.